[2023] Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive ?

The question that never fails to ignite a whirlwind of emotions within us is why Are AirPods Max So Expensive? As an avid tech enthusiasts, we can’t help but be both intrigued and baffled by the jaw-dropping price tag attached to these wireless wonders.

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive

The AirPods Max is very expensive but you can buy it by selling your kidney or any organ which you have two in number. But we urge you not to do that.

What is Apple AirPods Max’s price?

Keep your eyes and ear open as you won’t have that after seeing the price tag. It is 59900 INR only (for a headphone, not a headset).

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive

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Apple’s in-ear AirPods are also out of most people’s pockets.

AirPods 2nd Generation: 10,990 INR

AirPods 3rd Generation: 19,600 INR

At first glance, excitement bubbles up within us, eager to experience the audio utopia promised by the AirPods Max. The idea of indulging in crystal-clear sound and an immersive audio adventure brings a rush of anticipation.

However, as we delve deeper into the reasons behind their exorbitant cost, a sense of scepticism creeps in. The logical side of us wonders if the premium price is justified or if it’s merely a result of brand value and marketing wizardry.

The inner conflict persists as we acknowledge the undeniable craftsmanship that goes into creating these sleek and stylish headphones. The premium materials, like stainless steel and aluminium, evoke a sense of luxury, but they also raise eyebrows about the impact on the final price.

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive

Despite being so expensive, Apple products are sold like potatoes and tomatoes. And this is the case with AirPods Max.

But many of us will justify the price for the features and the premiums that the Airpods Max provides.

So again, the burning question still tingling our minds is Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive? Below are the reasons which we think are the genuine ones.In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the high cost of AirPods Max and explore the factors that contribute to their premium pricing.

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive?

The Brand Value:

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive

  • The Apple brand value is the main reason for the high price of Airpods Max. It’s really that simple.
  • Apple is a brand known for its premium offerings and cutting-edge technology.
  • The company has established itself as a leader in the consumer electronics industry, and this reputation comes with a premium price tag.
  • The Airpods Max, being an Apple product, inherits this premium positioning.
  • The brand value and the perception of exclusivity associated with Apple contribute to the high price of Airpods Max.

The Build quality:

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive

  • Another factor is the build quality. The design is eye-catchy.
  • Talking about the design, it houses a stainless steel frame, with a flexible net mesh headband.
  • The canopy over the headband is made from a knit mesh.
  • We can also see sparkling anodised aluminium cups.
  • We can see a custom-designed mesh textile over the ear cushions to provide pillow-like softness while listening.
  • It also has a Digital Crown to control volume, skip between tracks, answer phone calls and activate Siri.
  • We have tested other high-end Headphones as well like Bose, JBL, Sennheiser, Sony etc but none of them matches the build quality of Apple AirPods Max.

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive

Sound quality and Spatial Audio :

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  • Of course, this is an obvious reason for Airpods Max’s price being high.
  • The Audio Quality of the AirPods Max is Unmatched and the best in the industry. You might find other headphones cheaper with a good brand name but still, they can’t beat this beast.
  • But the real killer is the “Spatial audio” feature. This feature is actually like a 3D sound effect as the name suggests Spatial meaning space. Spatial audio along with dynamic head trackinbrings theatre-like sound from video or audio so that sound seems like it’s coming from all around you like a 3D effect. You just need to get high-quality audio/video content to play and get immersed in that.
  • It has a feature of personalised Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking that provides a theatre‑like experience.
  • All this is due to the built-in gyroscopes, accelerometers, H1 chip, Adaptive and Transparency mode.
  • And with Apple Music, Personalised Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking places sound all around you to create a three-dimensional listening experience
  • Personalised Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking gives you a theatre‑like experience for movies and shows, with a sound that surrounds you.

Comfort level:

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  • They will make you feel like a king (which means they are Comfortable).
  • Comfort is very much required for a king. I assume we all feel like a king for ourselves.
  • Because of the premium material being used in the headphones, the looks and comfort have increased by many folds.
  • It has an uncompromising fit that creates the optimal acoustic seal.
  • The foam ear cups and stainless steel arms on the headband feel like a feather without a bird even though they are heavy but the weight has been distributed evenly so that you don’t feel 385 grams dumbbell on your head.
  • AirPods Max is so soft, cosy and cushy that you won’t feel like you are wearing anything on your head and ears. You don’t need to take out the headsets every few minutes or hours to give your ears some air. You can wear AirPods Max for hours and hours.

The Active Noise Cancelling:

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive

  • AirPods Max noise cancellation technology is awesome even better than Jabra.
  • AirPods Max combines high-fidelity audio with industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation to deliver an unimagined listening experience.
  • We get an immersive listening experience by cancelling unwanted external sounds.
  • AirPods Max uses a total of six outward-facing microphones to detect noise in your environment, and two inward-facing microphones to measure what you’re hearing. Its microphones help to isolate your voice on phone calls, so it’s heard clearly. Doesn’t matter even in windy situations.
  • Noise cancellation doesn’t allow outside noise from reaching your ear and you can enjoy the music as it is without hearing the barking of your friend or an enemy.


In conclusion, we would say the AirPods Max is justified if you are filthy rich. If you don’t have enough to buy, then you can simply sell your heart or liver or kidney but as an alternative, we would suggest going for an alternative like Sennheiser or Sony or JBL.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about AirPods Max

Q1. Is AirPods Max good for the price?

A1. It depends on you. If you have enough then AirPods Max is the best otherwise we have other alternatives also.

Q2. Why is AirPods Max so much cheaper on Amazon?

A2. Amazon buys products in bulk quantity at a wholesale price. Products are not fake.

Q3. What is better AirPods or AirPods Max?

A3. AirPods Max is an over-ear headphone which has better sound quality and build quality. AirPods are in-ear earphones and ideally shouldn’t be compared with the AirPods Max.

Q4. Why is AirPods Max so popular?

A4. Because of the Apple brand and the features we have listed above. These are the best headphones now.

Q5. How long will AirPods Max last or what is the AirPods Max battery life?

A5. The battery life of AirPods Max is the best so far. We can expect up to 20 hours of listening time, talk time, or music or video playback with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio turned on. On a 5-minute charge, we can get approx 1.5 hours of listening time.

Q6. Is AirPods Max waterproof?

A6. No, AirPods Max are not waterproof or splashproof.

Q7. Is AirPods Max plastic?

A7. No, they are not completely plastic. It is made of stainless steel with a premium soft-touch material.

Q8. How to reset AirPods max?

A8. To reset AirPods Max to factory settings,

Press and hold the noise control button and the Digital Crown for 15 seconds, until the LED flashes amber, then white.

Q9. How to turn off AirPods Max?

A9. The AirPods Max doesn’t have a dedicated power button. As per Apple, if you set your AirPods Max down and leave them stationary for 5 minutes, they will go into a low power mode to preserve battery charge. This is called the “ultra‑low‑power state”

Q10. What are AirPods max alternative 2023?

A10. There are many alternatives but not up to the mark. The following are the AirPods max alternatives:

  • Sony WH-1000XM5 (Overall the best one)
  • Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless (Best battery life)
  • Bose 700 Noise Canceling Headphones (Best noise cancellation)
  • JBL Live 660NC (Most affordable)

Q11. What are AirPods max all colours?

Why Are AirPods Max So Expensive

A11. We have mainly five colours available for AirPods Max headphones.

  • Silver.
  • Space Grey.
  • Sky Blue.
  • Pink.
  • Green.

Q12. What is the AirPods max price in India?

A12. AirPods max price in India is 59990 INR only.

Q13. Can you workout with AirPods Max?

A13. You can if you are not doing heavy workouts. There are two reasons-Little more weight on the head could hinder the workout and a second is that sweat will go into the headphone’s cushions and could cause issues with the sound or with the fabric.

Q14. How to connect AirPods Max to Windows?

A14. Open Bluetooth settings in Windows and it will start searching. Keep the AirPods in the case–>Press and hold the small button on the back till it starts blinking. After this, we can see the AirPods max in the list of devices. Then just click on connect and pair.

Q15. What is the AirPods max driver size?

A15. Driver size is 40mm.

Q16. Does AirPods max leak sound?

A16. No, it doesn’t leak sound inside or outside.

Q17. Does AirPods Max have a mic?

A17. Hell yeah. There is total nine microphones total for Active Noise Cancellation and voice pickup.

Q18. Does AirPods Max have noise cancellation?

A18. Yes, AirPods Max have noise cancellation. This is one of the best features of AirPods Max.

Q19. Does AirPods Max work with Android?

A19. Yes, you can connect AirPods Max with a non-iOS device like Android.

Q20. Does AirPods Max have an aux?

A20. No. It’s truly wireless. We will not see a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Q21. Does AirPods Max have a headphone jack?

A21. No. It’s truly wireless. We will not see a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Q22. Does Silver AirPods Max get dirty?

A22. Yes, AirPods Max will get dirty irrespective of the colour though grey which is a darker shade will have fewer dirt marks. This is due to the foam and mesh materials used in the headphones.

Q23. How To Connect Airpods Max to Mac?

A23. Click on  the Apple menu–>System Settings–> Bluetooth–>Press and hold the noise control button on AirPods Max until the white light starts blinking–>Select your AirPods Max in the Devices list and click Connect.

Q24. How To Clean AirPods Max Cushions?

A24. You shouldn’t directly wash the AirPods Max or its cushions since it is neither waterproof nor splashproof. You can simply wet a cotton cloth with a soap solution or similar solution and rub it on the cushions and the frame to clean the dirt. Then dry it using a dry cloth to avoid any damage to the fabric. We can’t allow any damage to our kidneys, right?