iPhone 15 Launch Date In India : Know everything about iPhone 15- Price, Specs, Release date, Rumors

Welcome to the world of technology. Here you will know everything about The iPhone 15 and Apple iPhone 15 Launch Date In India.

Smartphones have become more than just gadgets; they are an integral part of our lives, connecting us to the world and enhancing our experiences. With every new iteration, Apple pushes the boundaries of technology, and the iPhone 15 is no exception. Emotion is at the heart of this remarkable device, captivating users with its stunning design, immersive display, empowering performance, emotional photography, and intuitive intelligence. Let’s explore how the iPhone 15 redefines the way we connect with the world and experience our emotions.

iPhone 15 Launch Date In India

Summary at a glance:

When is the iPhone Launch date: 12th September 2023

iPhone 15 model leaks: 4 Different models: iPhone 15(6.1″), iPhone 15 Pro(6.1″) , iPhone 15 Plus(6.7″), iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Ultra(6.7″).

iPhone 15 cost:

  • iPhone 15 price: ~79,900 INR
  • iPhone 15 Plus price: ~89,900 INR
  • iPhone 15 Pro price: ~1,34,9000 INR
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max Price: ~1,59,000 INR

Our TechSwankk team also predicts that we will see a USB-C port, a lightning-fast A17 Bionic chip, new WiFi 6E & 5G, more RAM in iPhone 15 Pro models (8GBs), periscope camera technology and 6x optical Zoom and extra two colour variants- Pink and blue.

Update: Now the iPhone 15 comes with USB Type-C. Say good bye to lightening connector.

When is the Apple iPhone 15 launch date?

All the crazy iPhone fans must be thinking – When is the iPhone 15 coming out or when is the release date of the iPhone 15 globally also people in India want to know when is the iPhone 15 launch date in India.

The Techswankk team predicts that the iPhone 15 will be launched soon in mid September 11th-14th 2023.

Update as of 12th September: iPhone 15 launched on 12th September 2023

iPhone 15 model leaks:

There will be 4 different models. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro will have 6.1-inch screens but the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra will have 6.7-inch screens.

iPhone 15 Launch Date In India

How much will the iPhone 15 cost?

Well, the prices of all the iPhone 15 models will rise. We might need to sell our kidneys. Below is the closest expected price for iPhone 15 (256 GB model). It doesn’t matter how costly it is, we crazy people will buy it or upgrade our older iPhones.

  • iPhone 15 price: ~79,900 INR
  • iPhone 15 Plus price: ~89,900 INR
  • iPhone 15 Pro price: ~1,34,9000 INR
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max Price: ~1,59,000 INR

Please keep visiting to check the latest price of the iPhone 15.

For now, have a look at older iPhone models by which you can estimate the iPhone 15 price:

Apple iPhone 15 (256 GB): Keep visiting to check the prices.

Click here for theAmazon buying link.

Apple iPhone 14 (256 GB) – Purple

Apple iPhone 12 (64GB) – Purple

Apple iPhone SE (64GB) – Starlight

Aesthetic Euphoria: What will the iPhone 15 look like?

It is a very genuine question. We are wondering about the iPhone 15 release date, and iPhone 15 prices but our mind also tickles us how our iPhone 15 will look like.

The iPhone 15’s design is a masterpiece, evoking a sense of aesthetic euphoria. As you hold it in your hand, the sleek glass-encased body exudes luxury and sophistication.

iPhone 15 models will look similar to the iPhone 14 models but with a few tweaks that is we will see the pill-shaped cutout (our beautiful Dynamic Island) on the iPhone 15 standard models.

Though we will see slimmer bezels on iPhone 15 than on the iPhone 14 models. And the most rumoured iPhone 15 Ultra will have the slimmest bezels now.

Our TechSwankk team also predicts that we will see a USB-C port (as we see in the Macbooks now). Also, one capacitive volume button will replace the Physical volume buttons or will have solid-state buttons with haptic feedback (meaning they will look like physical buttons but have no actual button press that occurs when you touch them)

iPhone 15 family screen sizes:

Prepare to be mesmerized by the iPhone 15’s captivating display. The Super Retina XDR technology elevates visual experiences to new heights. Every detail is brought to life with incredible clarity and vibrant colours, immersing you in a world of emotions. Whether you’re watching a heartwarming video, scrolling through your photo gallery, or playing a game that evokes excitement, the display effortlessly amplifies the emotions, drawing you deeper into the experience.

iPhone 15– 6.1-inch display

iPhone 15 Plus– 6.7-inch display

iPhone 15 Pro– 6.1-inch (120Hz display)

iPhone 15 Max– 6.7-inch (120Hz display)

What are the new iPhone 15 Colours which will be eye candy for us?

The colours will be the same as iPhone older models with extra two variants- Pink and blue.

iPhone 15 Launch Date In India

Finally, let’s talk about the iPhone 15 Specifications:

The Chipset:

iPhone 15 Launch Date In India

The iPhone 15 is a powerhouse, fueled by the lightning-fast A17 Bionic chip which will be the first of its kind A-Series chip.

The new chipset is expected to give ~12.5% better performance and reduce power consumption by up to 25%. This is one of the reasons the price of the iPhone 15 will hike.

Its exceptional performance empowers users to effortlessly navigate through tasks, making multitasking a seamless experience. No longer will you be hindered by lag or delays. With the iPhone 15, you can dive into your passions, unleashing your creativity, and immersing yourself in activities that evoke a whirlwind of emotions. From editing videos to running graphics-intensive applications, the device keeps up with your aspirations, reminding you that anything is possible.

Increased RAM:

We will see more RAM in iPhone 15 Pro models. RAM will be increased to 8GB RAM this time. The standard models will house 6GB RAM.

Supported generation mobile network: New WiFi 6E & 5G

iPhone 15 Launch Date In India

iPhone 15 will support 5G and Wifi 6E which will have more bandwidth, low latency, faster speed and much more.

USB Type-C Port support:

iPhone 15 Launch Date In India

This time all iPhone 15 Models got a USB-C port instead of the regular lightning port because Europe law requires all devices to have a Universal charging port.

Emotional Photography: Get more Optical Zoom

iPhone 15 Launch Date In India

Moments of joy, laughter, and even tears deserve to be preserved with utmost clarity and emotion. The iPhone 15’s advanced camera system, equipped with a triple-lens setup, captures every nuance of human emotion. With each click, the camera immortalizes memories, transforming them into breathtaking visual stories. Whether it’s a candid smile shared with loved ones or a moment of triumph, the iPhone 15’s camera elevates the art of photography, allowing emotions to transcend time.

As we already know the Samsung S23 Ultra houses an Optical Zoom at 3x and 10x, Digital Zoom up to 100x.

This is forcing Apple to match with the South Korean competitor. iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a periscope camera technology which will be great in our opinion.

The lens will allow 6x zoom (Pro models) in comparison to older iPhones and s23 Ultra which offered 3x optical zoom.


The iPhone 15 is a testament to Apple’s commitment to blending technology with emotion. From the moment you lay eyes on its captivating design to the seamless performance that empowers you, this device becomes an extension of your emotions. The camera captures the essence of human expression, while the intuitive features understand you like never before. With the iPhone 15, Apple has redefined how we connect, inviting us to explore the depths of our emotions and truly experience the world around us.

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Q1. Does iPhone 15 have a fingerprint?

A1. No fingerprint will be there.

Q2. What is iPhone 15 wireless charging speed?

A2. Expect to have 15W wireless charging support with third-party chargers.
Expect to have 20W fast charging support for the standard iPhone 15 models
Expect to have 27W support for the iPhone 15 Pro variants

Q3. Is iPhone 15 worth buying?

A3. Yes, the iPhone 15 is powered by the lightning-fast A17 Bionic chip, ensuring smooth performance even for the most demanding tasks and hence worth buying for new iPhone users.

Q4. Is iPhone 15 waterproof?

A4. Yes, the Apple iPhone 15 is water resistant or waterproof. It is water resistant to IP68 standards (up to 6m for 30 mins).

Q5. Is iPhone 15 worth the wait?

A5. To people who are buying new iPhones or switching from Android to iPhone family, Yes, please wait for the Mr Beast iPhone 15. For people who already have iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, no need to buy iPhone 15 unless you always upgrade to new iPhones which are also good.

Q6. Does iPhone 15 have a fold or does iPhone 15 have a flip?

A6. No fold or flip is available in iPhone 15.

Q7. Does iPhone 15 have a dual sim?

A7. No physical dual sim support.

Q.8 Will iPhone 15 look like iPhone 14?

A8. Yes and no both. iPhone 15 will not be the same as iPhone 14 but will have cosmetic changes which we surely will like.

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