Fixed Error – You Do Not Have Permission to Play Fortnite 2024

Do you play Fortnite and enjoy it? Who doesn’t know about the famous Fortnite game which is a popular online multiplayer video game developed by Epic Games? It’s known for its blend of action, building, and survival elements.

Are you frustrated or scared seeing the error on your screen stating “You Do Not Have Permissions To Play Fortnite” then you have come to the right place. You must be yelling ‘Why is Fortnite telling me I do not have permission to play Fortnite?‘Sometimes for some users, when we try to launch the game the permission error shows up though we have the correct permissions. This error doesn’t mean that you are banned and most probably is an Epic Games server error.

You Do Not Have Permission to Play Fortnite

We recently faced this error while playing Fortnite on our PS5 console. Epic Games says that they are still working on it and asked us to check on our end as there might be multiple reasons like below:

  1. Age Restrictions: Fortnite has age restrictions, and you may not have permission to play the game if you’re below the minimum age requirement.
  2. Parental Controls: If your account is linked to parental controls, they might have restricted access to Fortnite or gaming.
  3. Platform Restrictions: Certain platforms may restrict who can access Fortnite. For example, if you’re using a device managed by an organization or school, they might have blocked access to the game.
  4. Account Issues: There could be issues with your Fortnite account, such as a ban or suspension, which restricts your access to the game.
  5. Geographical Restrictions: In some regions, access to certain games or online services may be restricted due to legal or regulatory reasons.
  6. High Traffic: The “You do not have permission to play Fortnite” error usually occurs whenever the servers are experiencing high traffic. This generally happens when a new update/season comes. Most of the time this is the reason for such errors.

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What is the fix for the Error – “You Do Not Have Permission to Play Fortnite” 2024?

Restart Fortnite

We can simply restart the game to check if that resolved the error. But in our case, it didn’t help but it should be performed as a preliminary check.

Check Fortnite Server Status

Why is the Fortnite server offline today or when will Fortnite servers be back up? The second troubleshooting step is to check for server status for the Fortnite game. It will tell the reason if the game server is down due to any reason like maintenance.

Go this epicgames Website and check the status of the game servers. For example, you will see like below.

You Do Not Have Permission to Play Fortnite

If nothing is mentioned on the website regarding the issue, then we need to troubleshoot the issue further.

Update the Game:

Updating the game fixes the bugs/errors in the game currently and updating to a patch version will resolve the issue. We had an older version of the game (PC) and then we updated the game.

Go to the Game Fortnight Right-click on it and choose; Check for updates’. If updates are available, simply install the new update.

Cross Account email linked:

Another probable reason for getting the error- ‘You Do Not Have Permissions To Play Fortnite’ is Cross Account email link which means that your Epic Games account is linked to a different email address or account like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. Find this out unlink it and re-login to Epic Games accounts.

Last but not least: Wait until Epic Games fixes the error:

If none of the above steps helped, then we need to have patience, play some other games, play outdoor games or do yoga. Meanwhile, Fortnite developers will fix the issue to make you happy again.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I give permission to play Fortnite on Xbox?

You can simply sign in using the Xbox official document

Is Fortnite banned from the Play Store?

The game is not banned but was removed from the Play Store in 2020.

Why is Fortnite 12+?

Fortnite is recommended for 12+ people because it contains a lot of violence, guns, bombs etc. Fortnite has a PEGI rating of 12.

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