2024 Get to know Who is Lucia in GTA 6? A promising story

As we know GTA 6 is set to be released in Sep-Nov 2025 next year to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S but the rumours are igniting the gamers’ minds.

Let’s see what are the most trending rumours about Lucia in GTA 6 and know Who is Lucia in GTA 6.

As per the trailer, we could see that we have a new map as Grand Theft Auto VI heads to the state of Leonida which is a Florida-inspired location and looks like the streets of Vice City.

We have great characters, incredible missions and a beautiful map where GTA 6 will have most of its gameplay.

Who is Lucia in GTA 6

Who is Lucia in GTA 6?

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As all the GTA fans know who is Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas?

In GTA 6 we have Jason and recently Rockstar Games teased GTA 6 showing Lucia and her partner in crime- Jason. Lucia is the first female protagonist in the history of Grand Theft Auto.

As per the leaks, we know that Lucia is a a young girl in the age group of 20-30 and will be emotionally mature in the game and the storyline tells that she will have a baby also.

In the GTA 6 trailer, we see Lucia in prison in Leonida which shows that Lucia might already have gained fame from her past criminal deeds, or her actions in Grand Theft Auto 6 could propel her to media attention and notoriety. So this is called GTA 6 for that reason- Going to jail, coming out, committing crimes again and then the story continues. She starts with the crime, goes to jail, gets out and then of course keeps committing crimes. This is Grand Theft Auto, after all.

When asked why she’s there, probably by someone from the parole board, she casually responds, “Just bad luck, I suppose.” This suggests she has a laid-back attitude toward crime, fitting for a GTA protagonist. This scene hints that the GTA 6 story won’t focus on her first crimes, allowing her to dive back into criminal activities with her connections and skills already in place.

In the GTA 6 trailer, we also see Lucia’s primary connection with a man named Jason. There were earlier speculations that Jason might serve as the game’s second playable character, and together with Lucia, they would resemble a contemporary Bonnie and Clyde, embarking on a crime spree across the streets of Leonida. This was verified through multiple scenes in the trailer, depicting Lucia and Jason carrying out various robberies and engaging in a thrilling high-speed car chase – typical moments expected in a Grand Theft Auto game.

In a voice-over, Lucia can be heard telling Jason that their only chance of survival in their current predicament is by “sticking together and being a team,” indicating that she takes the lead in these criminal endeavours.

The duo is aiming to amass enough wealth to escape town and retire elsewhere. Earlier speculations hinted that Lucia and Jason might already have a young child, a first for the Grand Theft Auto series. But rumours also say that Jason and Lucia are siblings. This could certainly provide them with ample motivation to abandon their criminal past and raise their child in a setting removed from their unlawful activities, following one last significant heist.

The story sounds incredible like a real-life story. It will be a lovely and thrilling love story along with the crimes in the city. We will find out what happens in the year 2025 when the game is released.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Who are Jason and Lucia in GTA 6?

They are the two protagonists of the game.

Q.2 Will CJ return in GTA 6?

As per the story teasers, CJ won’t come back in the next instalment of GTA.

Q3. How old is Lucia in GTA 6?

Lucia is a new character in GTA 6 and she will be a beautiful girl in the age group of 20-30.

Q4. Will GTA 6 have a girl?

Yes of course. We have Lucia the first female protagonist in the GTA series.

Q5. Is Lucia Black GTA 6 and what race is Lucia GTA 6?

This shouldn’t matter but Lucia is not black and seems to be Latin-American.

Q6. Who is the GTA 6 main character?

Jason and Lucia are the two main characters.

Q7. Who is the male protagonist in GTA 6?

Jason is the male protagonist in GTA 6.

Q8. Are Jason and Lucia together?

We see that Jason and Lucia will be together but as per the leaks, Jason will be killed in the early stage of the game.

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