2024 Latest Leaked News About Google Pixel 8a

As many enthusiastic smartphone users thought Will there be a Google Pixel 8a because of the popularity of the Pixel series, we have come up with this beautiful article to clear your doubts and let you know the Latest Leaked News About Google Pixel 8a.

Latest Leaked News About Google Pixel 8a


Leaked News About Google Pixel 8a

There have been many rumours about Pixel 8a in the market and all are expected to be true.
We all know that Google is going to launch its latest instalment of Pixel series called Google Pixel 8a but the latest leaks have revealed more information. Along with Google Pixel 8a, there are other models as well which will be launched namely Google Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel Fold 2.
So we have jotted down all the information about Google Pixel 8a and are going to share it with you.
Google Pixel 8a will be a mid-budget smartphone to hit the middle-class audience with powerful specifications.
As per the leaks, we know that the Google Pixel 8a will be a sleek device with a 6.1-inch display which will feature a 90Hz refresh rate.
Pixel 8a houses a powerful Tensor G3 chipset by Google and might come with a Mali-G715 GPU. It is rumoured to be launched in two variants which are 128GB and 256GB.
Talking about the battery, we expect it to be 4800-5000mah supporting 27W Fast charging technology.
As per the biggest rumour, Pixel 8a will come with battery health monitoring settings which will give you battery health as we see in iPhones.
As per the latest news, Google Pixel 8a will come in beautiful colours like Black, white, light blue and light green which will look cool.
Both storage variants (128GB and 256GB) are expected to be offered in all four colours. As for availability, rumours point towards an April or May 2024 launch window.

Google Pixel 8a launch date in India

Google Pixel 8a release date has not been announced yet but our TechSwankk Team predicts it to be in May 2024 as per the previous trends from Google.

Google Pixel 8a price in India


As per our analysis, we expect the price to be approx 50k INR for the 128GB version and 60k INR for the 256GB version which are good options.

Are Google Pixel phones worth it?


Let’s talk about Google Pixel phones. They’re super fancy and cool high-end smartphones that run on Android. They’re like Samsung, a big name in the tech world, especially when it comes to smartphones.

Now, let’s focus on the newest ones, the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro. These phones have all the best stuff you could want: great performance, awesome camera, long-lasting battery, and a top-notch display.

So, if you have the money to spend, the Google Pixel 8 series is totally worth it. Buying a smartphone is a big deal. It’s not just about money; it’s about how it fits into your life every day. Let’s look at why the Google Pixel 8 series is worth every cent.

 Is Google Pixel 8a worth it?
In our opinion, Google always comes with improvements in their latest smartphones and with better battery, power, and camera technology google Pixel 8a is worth it and you can go for it without a second thought if your budget falls in the mid range segment. Moreover, this actually depends on the individual choice and how much the pocket allows. We have other smartphones in the market at same price and even better specifications but we see that Google smartphones are promising and you can opt for these which will give you a way to show off in android category. We are excited to see the Pixel 8a and stay tuned to be updated.

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