2024 GTA 6 Price In India: Why So Expensive ?

As the release date draws nearer, gamers in India are eager to know about the price of this upcoming masterpiece. In this article, we will see the GTA 6 details and explore all the latest updates and speculations surrounding GTA 6 price in India and much more.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard whispers and rumours about the highly anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto 6, fondly known as GTA 6. Rockstar Games, the mastermind behind the legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise, has been discreetly working on this gaming masterpiece..


GTA 6 release date


GTA 6 is not just another game; it’s an event, a milestone in the gaming world. As Rockstar Games takes the wraps off this long-awaited masterpiece, players around the globe are ready to embark on a thrilling journey.

Since its inception, the Grand Theft Auto series has captivated players with its immersive gameplay, expansive open-world environments, and compelling narratives. With each new release, Rockstar Games pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming industry. GTA 6 promises to take this experience to a whole new level, fueling the excitement and curiosity of gamers worldwide.


GTA 6 Announcement: A Rollercoaster of Emotions for Gamers Worldwide

The moment gamers had been eagerly waiting for finally arrived – the official announcement of GTA 6! As the news spread like wildfire across the gaming community, emotions soared to unprecedented heights. The GTA 6 announcement was already done in February 2022 bu the Rockstar Games. The Rockstar company announced the GTA 6 game and said that the game is under the development phase and we can expect the release in later years.


GTA 6 price in India


GTA 6 release date 

After a decade, Rockstar is going to release the next version of the GTA series which is GTA 6. As per the R&D, the TechSwankk team predicts the GTA 6 launch date to be in September-November 2024. 

For the Indians who are die-hard fans of the GTA series as we get nostalgia as soon as we hear the name GTA. GTA 6 release date in India is also going to be somewhere between September-November 2025. 

However, GTA 6 trailer release is set on 5th December 2023 and has already been released. Please watch it on here.


How long is it taking to make GTA 6?

Well, the next question in the minds of gamers would come- Why GTA 6 is taking so long?

There are many reasons for RockStar Games to take more than a decade to release the next version of GTA (Grand Theft Auto). The GTA 6 will take more than a year to be released.

The main reasons for GTA 6 taking so long are:

  • The Rockstar developers want the game to be the Best in the industry without any bugs and want to set another benchmark in the game segment.
  • Developers are taking something different in GTA 6 with very high graphics and character enhancements. We will see a lot of improvements in the game which we missed in GTA 5.
  • Due to the hype that has been made, Rockstar wants to deliver what their fans are expecting. And that will take time of course.
  • The latest GTA 6 leaks have also contributed to the game delay.


GTA 6 Price In India





As per the TechSwankk team’s R&D, the GTA 6 price in India is estimated to be at a higher segment which is 5000INR-6000INR (~$70). Yes, it is costly but seeing the game’s fanbase, game features and the production efforts, this price is worth it. Please note that we already have costly gaming consoles and gaming PCs, so the GTA 6 price should not be overwhelming for us.


Why GTA 6 is so expensive? Factors Affecting GTA 6 Price in India

We don’t know the actual pricing but as per the TechSwankk team predictions, it will be at a higher segment. There are several factors which contribute to the price of GTA 6 in India. Below are the main points which we think tell us why GTA 6 is so expensive.

  • Development Costs: GTA 6 requires substantial investments in development, design, and marketing. Creating a game of GTA’s scale and complexity is no small feat. The development process, the challenges faced and the dedication of the team is also a factor. The advanced technology and attention to detail in the game result in higher production costs. These expenses play a significant role in setting the price tag for the game.
  • Gaming Platform and Edition: GTA 6 will likely be available on various gaming platforms, including consoles like PS5, XBOX and PC. Each platform may have different pricing due to factors such as licensing fees and platform-specific optimizations.
  • Demand and Popularity: The immense popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series contributes to the pricing strategy of GTA 6. The high demand for the game allows Rockstar Games to maintain a premium price point. As fans eagerly await the release, anticipation and enthusiasm also play a role in the pricing decision.
  • The Rumors and Teasers are fueling the fire. Rockstar Games has been careful not to reveal too much, expertly building anticipation and leaving fans craving more. This way fans will buy the game at any price due to the Hype already created in the market.
  • The game plot will be superb. Creating a storyline with different characters, environments, stages etc also needs a different team and eventually leads to the overall cost.
  • In the GTA series, we could see Hollywood casting and Voice Acting. The GTA series has a tradition of enlisting top-notch actors for voiceovers, bringing the characters to life.


How to Save Money on GTA 6 Purchase

While GTA 6 is undoubtedly a highly anticipated game, it’s also essential to consider ways to make your purchase more cost-effective. Here are some tips to help you save money:

  • Wait for Discounts and Sales: After the initial release, game prices tend to drop over time. By waiting for discounts and sales, you can secure GTA 6 at a lower price. Keep an eye on promotions and special events where the game might be available at a discounted rate.
  • Trade-in Offers and Bundle Deals: Game retailers often provide trade-in offers where you can exchange your old games for credit towards new purchases. Additionally, bundle deals combining the game with consoles or other accessories can offer excellent value for money.
  • Digital vs. Physical Copy: Consider whether you prefer a digital or physical copy of the game. Digital copies are often cheaper and can be downloaded instantly, while physical copies provide the satisfaction of owning a tangible item. Evaluate your preferences and choose the option that suits you best.
  • Pre-Order Bonuses and Special Editions: Rockstar Games often offers enticing pre-order bonuses and special editions for their games, and GTA 6 will likely be no exception. Pre-ordering the game can provide exclusive in-game content, early access, or even physical collectables. These bonuses can add value to the overall gaming experience but may come at an additional cost.


GTA 6 system requirements

Do PC gamers also have a query for each game that is – Will GTA 6 run on my PC? 

The answer is yes, you will be able to play the game on multiple platforms like PC, PS5 and Xbox.

Below are the GTA 5 PC requirements:

  • We need at least Windows 10 x64 Operating System.
  • AMD Radeon R9 390 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB Graphics card.
  • RAM needed is 8 GB plus.
  • DirectX 12 needed.
  • Processor should be at least Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz or AMD FX-8350.
  • We would need at least 150 GB of storage to smoothly play the game.


GTA 6 maps


GTA 6 system requirements


The Grand Theft Auto series is known for its sprawling open-world maps. With GTA 6, Rockstar Games is expected to push the boundaries further, offering a vast and diverse landscape that players can explore endlessly. There have been various leaks about the maps also but we don’t put leaked content on our article since this goes against the Game developers and their efforts.

You can search on the internet but we recommend waiting for genuine information to enjoy the game more and help the game developers in some way.




The release of GTA 6 in India is a highly anticipated event for gamers across the country. As the excitement builds, it’s crucial to understand the factors influencing the game’s price, the value it offers, and ways to make your purchase more cost-effective. Get ready for an exciting journey as GTA 6 takes you on an immersive adventure filled with captivating gameplay, stunning visuals, and unforgettable moments.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is GTA 6 going to be released in 2023?

A: While the hopes are less in 2023, Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed the exact release date. But the TechSwankk team predict it to be in September to November 2024.

Q: Will GTA 6 be available on all gaming platforms?

A: Yes, GTA 6 is expected to be released on major gaming platforms, including consoles and PCs.

Q: Can I transfer my GTA Online progress from GTA 5 to GTA 6?

A: Rockstar Games has hinted at a seamless transition for GTA Online players, allowing them to transfer progress to the new game.

Q: Will GTA 6 have a single-player campaign?

A: Yes, GTA 6 is expected to feature a captivating single-player campaign, building on the franchise’s narrative tradition.

Q: Can we expect any additional content or expansions post-launch?

A: Rockstar Games has a history of supporting their games with post-launch content and updates, so GTA 6 will likely receive the same treatment.

Q. Who leaked GTA 6 footage? 

A: The Internet is full of GTA 6 leaks. Arion Kurtaj, an 18-year-old teen hacked the GTA 6 game and also leaked the GTA 6 gameplay. We can see a lot of videos related to GTA 6 leaked footage surfacing over social media and video sites. We don’t want to include a pirated or leaked piece in our article hence not putting the link here. You can search over the internet if you want to see the GTA 6 leaked gameplay but I would recommend just having some patience and waiting for the real GTA 6 gameplay which will be genuine and will help the game developers.

Q. Is GTA 6 launched in India?

A: Not yet. GTA 6 will be launched in India in the second half of 2024 particularly in September to November 2024.

Q: How many GB is GTA 6?

A: GTA 6 is predicted to have around 700GBs install size on a gaming console and around 150 GBs on a PC which is one of the biggest games ever.

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