PS5 Pro Price In India 2024 : Know Everything About beautiful PS5 Pro !

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The gaming industry has seen remarkable advancements in recent years, with the PlayStation series from Sony taking centre stage. Gamers across the globe eagerly anticipate each new release, and the upcoming PS5 Pro is no exception. In this article, we will check exciting details surrounding the PS5 Pro Price In India.

The future of gaming in India is set to be more exciting than ever with the PS5 Pro. This PS5 release will be similar to the one we got for PS4 upgrade version i.e PS4 Pro.

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PS5 Pro Price In India

Will there be a PS5 pro: What is PS5 Pro?

Sony Entertainment has officially revealed the PS5 Pro in a tweet. PS Pro is the more advanced version in terms of looks, specifications and performance. We will see higher resolution, frame rates for smoother gameplay.


The PS5 Pro Price in India

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter: the PS5 Pro’s price in India.

Gamers are eagerly waiting for this next-generation gaming console after PS5. Everybody has a question in mind – What is the price of PS5 Pro in India? or globally.

So how much money will the PS5 Pro be? Well, there is no confirmed answer to this. But as per the TechSwankk team, the PS5 Pro price in India should be competitive and a little costlier than the PS5.

We predict the PS5 Pro Price in India to be 50,000-60,000 INR. But keep an eye on the official pricing from Sony .


PS5 Pro release date

The next question for the gamers should be when the will ps5 pro come out.

The PS5 pro launch date is expected to be in the last quarter of 2024.


PS5 Pro Specs: Will PS5 Pro be faster?


PS5 Pro



The next exciting thing to know is the PS5 Pro Specifications.

As per the predictions, below are the expected changes in the specs.

Design: In terms of design, the PS5 Pro should be more muscular and have a heavier body than the PS5. There will be improvements in the looks. Get more space to place this beast.

Gameplay experience: We can expect 4K resolution up to 120fps.

CPU: AMD Ryzen Zen 4 with 8 Cores along with Variable frequency of up to 4.2GHz

GPU: AMD Radeon RDNA 3-based graphics engine with 23 Teraflops ( double of what we get in PS5 10.28) with 72 CUs @ 2.5GHz

RAM : 20GB GDDR6X/320-bit with 800GB/s Bandwidth

Internal Storage: Custom 1.5 TB SSD gen4 (double of PS5 850GB)



Is PS5 worth buying in 2023?

Yes, PS5 is worth buying in 2023 as PS5 is still the best gaming console on the market. The answer might change once the PS5 Pro is released. An upgrade to PS5 will be worth it. If you don’t own a PS5, then kindly wait for the release of the PS5 Pro console as that will have a similar price range better specs and better improvements.


Is PS4 better than PS5 Pro?

The answer to this question is a big ‘No’. Even PS5 is better than PS4 as we see multiple upgrades over PS4. Similarly, we will see improvements in PS5 Pro for better performance and better features.



In conclusion, the PS5 Pro’s price in India is a topic that has piqued the interest of gamers and enthusiasts alike. Sony’s commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences at a competitive price ensures that this console will be a game-changer in the Indian gaming landscape.



  1. When will the PS5 Pro be available in India? The exact release date may vary, but it’s expected to be launched soon after its global release which should be next year 2024.
  2. Can I play my existing PS4 games on the PS5 Pro? Yes, the PS5 Pro is backwards compatible, allowing you to enjoy your PS4 game library on the new console.
  3. What are some of the exclusive titles announced for the PS5 Pro? Sony has revealed titles like “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” as exclusives for the PS5 Pro.
  4. Is the PS5 Pro worth the upgrade from the standard PS5? If you’re looking for enhanced performance and exclusive titles, the PS5 Pro is a worthy upgrade. However, it depends on your gaming preferences.
  5. Are there any special offers for early buyers of the PS5 Pro in India? Sony typically offers special bundles and deals for early buyers, so keep an eye out for announcements when it’s released.
  6. Will PS5 Pro be more expensive? The price should be near to that of PS5 but we can think price a little more than the PS5 price.
  7. Is Sony releasing a PS5 Pro? Yes, Sony will release the PS5 Pro in late 2024 as we already have the PS4 Pro version.


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