Top 5 Skills To Get Hired as A DevOps Engineer in 2024 ! Get Selected

Are you aspiring to become a DevOps Engineer and land your dream job? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will check out the Top 5 Skills To Get Hired as A DevOps Engineer in 2023 that will not only make you stand out as a DevOps Engineer but also tug at the heartstrings of potential employers.

We have divided the skills into technical and non-technical (soft skills).

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Top 5 Skills To Get Hired as A DevOps Engineer

Top 5 Skills To Get Hired as A DevOps Engineer in 2023!

Technical Skills:


Automation Skills and Scripting

The DevOps include automation and scripting tasks. Automation is something that repeats on its own without the need for manual intervention.

Automating time-consuming small tasks using scripting like bash scripting or python scripting is an essential skill in a DevOps career.

In DevOps, apart from scripting, we have automation tools like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet which make automation easier. But we should always try to learn the basics i.e. using scripting and then jump on the tools to build strong fundamentals.



In the IT industry, Linux administration is a mandatory skill. Linux can get you to do anything. All the servers are running on Linux.

Linux is a Unix-based Operating system and is more secure than other OS like Windows.

In DevOps, the majority of the engineers work on Linux and we need to understand different topics in Linux. For example, syntax, commands, file handling, file permissions, process management etc.

Having expertise in Linux can make you strong in the field of DevOps as this gives you immense power to control the system.

If you know Linux, then you can learn other tools as well easily.


Cloud Computing:

Another top skill in DevOps is familiarity with the Cloud platforms. We don’t need to be masters in all three major cloud platforms – AWS(Amazon Web Services), GCP(Google Cloud Platform), and Azure.

We can choose AWS with Azure or AWS with GCP. but we recommend going with AWS with Azure for better opportunities.

Knowing cloud platforms is a key parameter as this helps to deploy and manage the applications and servers very easily thus making the system scalable and highly available and many more benefits are there.

Cloud computing knowledge gives you an extra edge over the others. If you are into development also, then also, having some basic knowledge of cloud computing will be beneficial in some way.


Containerization & Orchestration

Containerization and orchestration are new terms. But don’t get intimidated by these.

These are basically for isolating the applications and services from each other so that they don’t interfere with each other’s work.

Knowledge about containerization technologies like Docker, is a must. This will help you to get an edge over others.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

If we talk about DevOps, then we can’t forget the CI/CD pipeline. This is heavily used to automate the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process which includes mainly 7 stages as mentioned below.

  • Stage 1: Planning
  • Stage 2: Gathering Requirements
  • Stage 3: Designing the software
  • Stage 4: Coding the software
  • Stage 5: Testing of the software
  • Stage 6: Deployment of the Software
  • Stage 7: Maintenance and Operations

We have highly efficient tools like Jenkins which does this work easily.


Soft Skills:

Passion for Continuous Learning

To be a good DevOps, we have to keep in mind that this is an ever-lasting job. We get to know different tools daily and we have to learn those as well to keep up with the pace.

To shine in this field, you should be an avid learner and nobody can stop you from becoming a highly valuable DevOps engineer for the organisation.

Therefore, if you want to become a DevOps Engineer, then get ready for a lifelong journey and learn different interesting tools daily and grow.


Collaborative Spirit

As we know DevOps is a combination of Developer and Operations.

To grow in this field, we have to learn the art of collaboration with different teams. This is not only for DevOps but any other IT field. We must be collaborative which is a much-needed soft skill in today’s world in the IT industry.


Passionate Storytelling

DevOps also needs you to be a good storyteller. We know it seems non-serious but believe us you need this skill as well to grow in the DevOps field.

We need to make a story and tell that story which includes your challenges, experiences and success. you need to convince people in another department about your work. We need to be very compelling when talking to other team members.

Lastly, become a storyteller. Paint a vivid picture of your DevOps journey, weaving in your experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Convey your passion for DevOps through compelling narratives that engage and captivate. A well-told story can evoke powerful emotions, and when potential employers feel emotionally connected to your journey, they are more likely to want you on their team.

Learning Proactive Monitoring

Last but not least, Proactive monitoring. Proactive monitoring is tedious but is a very powerful skill. We need to monitor everything under our radar so that nothing breaks. If something violates, then we need to proactively take action and resolve the issue. This is also a DevOps skill which will make things go smoother. Moreover, being proactive doesn’t need much hard work just the will to keep everything in place.



The above were the Top 5 Skills That Will Get You Hired as A DevOps Engineer in 2023. But please note that getting a DevOps job doesn’t mean that you need to be technically strong. We need the above-mentioned technical and soft skills to land our dream job. We need to be willing to learn more, problem solvers, a storyteller, collaborative and technically strong. We need to be the jack of all trades to become the ace in the DevOps world.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is AWS required for DevOps?

Yes. We need to be well versed with any of the cloud computing technologies. AWS is a must and we can opt for Azure or GCP along with AWS.

Does DevOps need coding skills?

DevOps does not need coding skills like JAVA, or C++ but it is good to know any programming language like Python which is easy to learn and start.

Is Python mandatory for DevOps?

Python is not mandatory but if we go for interviews, it is good to have some knowledge about any programming languages. We need to know scripting in bash or Python.

Is selenium necessary for DevOps?

No, Selenium is not needed for DevOps. DevOps is a well of technologies. You can learn anything to become a better DevOps engineer.

Does DevOps need to know SQL?

It is recommended to know about Databases as all organisations need a DevOps engineer to know any DB knowledge.

Is the DevOps job stressful?

Yes, you might find it stressful if you are not well versed with the technologies which is the same with other jobs as well. Learn and apply on the job and you can enjoy it.

Is coding asked in the DevOps interview?

In a DevOps interview, it depends on the interviewer if they would ask for coding or not. But it is good to have any one programming language knowledge like Python which is easy to learn and also gives you an edge over other candidates.

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