The Best Pioneer pn50951-22u Review: Unleashing the Power of the Latest Model 2024

We all like Big-screen smart TVs and love to watch our favourite shows or movies or play games on them. Well, we have a smart TV on which you can watch whatever you want in good quality. The features are good, the pricing is good and the looks are stunning.

In this article, we will do the complete Pioneer pn50951-22u Review and will discuss the features, performance, and overall user experience.


Pioneer pn50951-22u Review



Pioneer pn50951-22u Review


Design and Build Quality:

  • Our first impression when we saw the TV was simply ‘Excellent’.
  • When it comes to design and build quality, the pn50951-22u sets a new standard in the industry. Its sleek and modern design exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a visually appealing device.
  • The TV pn50951-22u has a vibrant and crystal clear picture quality. The TV looks expensive and elegant.
  • The speakers are great.
  • The remote control is not that easy to handle at the start but with time we will get used to it. But, everything else using this TV is remarkable. Especially at this price. The packaging was excellent also. Recommend watching the video on how to unbox the TV. It was very helpful.
  • TV has a metallic finish and metallic legs which adds to the looks of the TV and makes it more premium looking.



  • The performance of the pn50951-22u is nothing short of impressive. Powered by a state-of-the-art processor and ample RAM, this device delivers lightning-fast speed and responsiveness
  • You can easily watch 4K movies or play games on this TV.
  • This TV has Dolby Vision along with Dolby Atmos which makes this TV great.
  • Dolby Vision provides ultra-vivid picture quality, sharper contrast, and a more precise colour palette. Once you watch Dolby Vision, you won’t like the normal Screens.
  • The DTS Virtual-X Sound that we get in this TV creates an immersive sound from the TV’s speakers and you are going to like it a lot. You won’t need any external speakers.


Display and Graphics:

  • The pn50951-22u boasts a stunning display that brings visuals to life.
  • This display is 43-inch (we also get a 50-inch variant) which is good enough for a room and depends on the requirement.
  • Pioneer pn50951-22u supports 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition).
  • Screen mirroring is also supported in this TV.
  • The next point is the Refresh rate. Higher refresh rates mean that a TV can display more frames per second (fps) which makes the video smoother and more pleasing.  In pn50951-22u, the refresh rate is not that good as compared to other TV brands. In this TV, we get a refresh rate of 60Hz only.
  • This Pioneer TV has a very good pixel density as compared to other TVs. On this TV, we get 89ppi.


Connectivity and Portability:


Pioneer pn50951-22u Review


  • We have lots of connectivity options in this Smart TV. The pn50951-22u understands this need and offers seamless connectivity options. With its advanced Wi-Fi technology and multiple ports, you can easily connect to the internet, external devices, and accessories. 
  • You can watch anything you like namely Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc
  • It is a great TV and works with my Alexa without issue.
  • We get a voice remote with Alexa and can use our voice to watch live TV, launch apps, search for titles, play music, switch inputs, control compatible smart home devices and do much more.
  • We can connect gaming consoles like PS5 and XBOX series easily.
  • One other major upgrade here is that we get a Fire TV experience built-in in the Pioneer pn50951-22u TV.
  • Pioneer pn50951-22u TV has 3 HDMI ports which are not too small or too many. Though we get 4 HDMI ports in other TVs.
  • We see fewer USB ports in this TV which is a drawback of this TV but not a deal breaker. It has only 1 USB port.
  • The TV has Airplay functionality which is seen rarely in any other TVs. With Airplay, we can easily connect Apple products to the TV.
  • Pioneer pn50951-22u supports Mira cast to cast your mobile screen on the TV screen which is quite handy when you want to see the photos or videos on a big screen.
  • We rarely see 3.5 mm audio jack support in other similar brands at this price bracket which we see in this TV.



The Pioneer TV pn50951-22u durability is something you can count on. The company Pioneer is not that well established or famous but the quality, and durability we get at this price point are fantastic.

You won’t see any issues with the TV for years until and unless you do some magic in it.




The only few things we did not like about Pioneer pn50951-22u are:

  • The HDMI ports are a little laggy and sometimes don’t connect.
  • Pioneer should have provided at least two USB ports.



At this price, you can not expect more. In our opinion, Pioneer pn50951-22u is a great deal and you should go for it. Though there are many alternatives to this Pioneer smartTV but depends on the cost and the features. If we can shell out more money, then we will have more options in the market and will find better smart TVs than the Pioneer pn50951-22u.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Q1. Are Pioneer TVs good?

A1. Yes, Pioneer TVs are good. The company is not well known but its product is of premium quality.

Q2. Can the red power-off led be disabled on pioneer PN50951-22U?

A2. No, you can not turn the red light off on the Pioneer PN50951-22U TV. This is a mandatory feature which should be on all the TVs.

But some TVs have a setting. Press the HOME button–> Settings–>Select Device Preferences → LED Indicator → Operational response or Illumination LED → Off. But most probably not available on the model you have and is based from country to country.

What is the workaround then?

  • Power off the TV from the main switch.
  • Put a black tape on the LED light.

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