2023 BEST Ethanol Vehicles In India: A Green Revolution on Wheels

This eco-friendly article will enable all the Knight Riders to relax as we don’t have to check our pockets again and again due to rising petrol prices. Thanks to Ethanol-based fuels (fuels based on ethyl alcohol) or flex fuel. TOP Ethanol Vehicles In India is a burning topic currently.

As the world grapples with the adverse effects of climate change and the need for sustainable energy solutions becomes increasingly urgent, the automotive industry is shifting gears towards greener alternatives. In India, one such eco-friendly innovation gaining traction is the use of ethanol-powered vehicles.

Ethanol a renewable biofuel derived from crops such as sugarcane and corn, offers a promising solution to reduce carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. This article will delve into the TOP Ethanol Vehicles In Indiain 2023, showcasing their features, benefits, and contribution to the country’s sustainable transportation landscape.

Insights: Is flex-fuel available in India?

Yes, India is on a path to being a superpower in the coming years. The government of India has already started production of flex-fuel in India. There are three varieties currently:

E85, E90 and E95 depending on the petrol-ethanol ratio.

As per our Minister for Road Transport and Highways of India – Nitin Gadkari, all vehicles in the country should run on 100% ethanol, which will be very useful to the country and the public.

Below is the list of TOP Ethanol Vehicles In India in 2023:

Top Ethanol Cars In India


  • The Wagon R flex-fuel prototype model was displayed at Delhi’s SIAM Ethanol Technology Exhibition.
  • What is flex-fuel in Wagon R? A flex-fuel flexible-fuel vehicle or dual-fuel vehicle is an alternative fuel which is a combination of more than one fuel which is usually gasoline and either ethanol or methanol fuel both stored in one common tank.
  • Flex fuel in Wagon R means that it can run on any blend of ethanol and petrol and the ratio can be between 15 per cent (E15) and 85 per cent (E85).


  • sHEV means Flex Fuel Vehicle-Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicle.
  • An FFV–SHEV is a combination of a flex fuel engine and an electric engine thereby providing dual benefits.
  • Under a pilot project on Flexi-Fuel Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology in Delhi, Indo-Japanese automaker unveiled the Corolla Altis FFV-SHEV which is imported from Toyota Brazil.

Top Ethanol Bikes In India

1. TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi E100

  • This is the first Ethanol Based Bike in India launched by Shri. Nitin Jairam Gadkari (Minister for Road Transport and Highways of India).
  • Ex-showroom Priced: 1.20 Lakh INR

2. APACHE RTR 160 4V

  • TVS has introduced the Apache RTR 160 4V with an eco-friendlier version.
  • It runs on a blend of 20-85 per cent ethanol-gasoline.
  • What is the price of RTR 160 4V ethanol? Ex-showroom price is around 1.45 Lakh INR.


  • Bajaj has introduced its first bike-Pulsar NS160 which has a Flex Fuel-based engine.
  • The 2023 Pulsar N160 has OBD-2 compliance and E20 fuel compatibility.

4.Hero Gamour Xtec Flex fuel

  • Hero unveiled its Glamour XTEC with flex-fuel technology which is capable of running on the e20 – e85 blend.

5. Honda XRE300 Flex-Fuel

This is a sports bike which also runs on fuel with an ethanol blend varying from 20-85%.

Benefits of ethanol fuel blended with petrol

  • The most important benefit is the cost.
  • Currently, ethanol is cheaper than petrol in India which benefits the owners of flex-fuel cars to use the fuel to save on fuel prices.
  • Further, India won’t need to depend on fuel imports as it reduces the demand for foreign oil.
  • We will be able to run our vehicles at just Rs 15/litre of petrol because currently, the rate of ethanol is Rs 60 (+-10) and petrol’s rate is Rs 120/litre. Also, it would generate 40% of electricity. This gives out the average ethanol cost of Rs 15/litre.
  • Low carbon emissions. Hence, environmentally friendly.
  • High octane number when ethanol is blended with petrol which will improve mileage and vehicle performance and will also reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Can be produced from waste materials as it is renewable and domestically produced transportation fuel.

What is the future of ethanol fuel in India?

  • India has adopted ethanol and petrol blending to reduce exhaust emissions.
  • India has a 2020-25 roadmap for Ethanol Blending by increasing the production in India from 700 to 1500 crore litres.
  • Government encourages to use of water-sparing crops, such as maize to produce ethanol.
  • We also promote technologies for the production of ethanol from non-food feedstock.
  • India achieved an average blending rate of 10% ethanol and petrol in June 2022 and will increase to 20% by 2025.


Hope this article helped give you insights into the TOP Ethanol Vehicles In India in 2023. We would also encourage people to go towards eco-friendly and pocket-friendly solutions for everybody’s sake.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which Indian cars can run on ethanol?

A1. Currently, we have Maruti Suzuki WagonR Flex-Fuel and Toyota Corolla Altis Flex-Fuel.

Q2. Are ethanol cars more expensive than traditional petrol or diesel cars?

A2. Ethanol is cheaper than petrol fuel as ethanol comes from fermentation whereas gasoline comes from limited oil reserves. While the initial cost of ethanol cars may be slightly higher, they offer long-term savings due to lower fuel costs and potential government incentives. Additionally, the environmental benefits they provide make them a worthwhile investment.

Q3.Which vehicles run on 100% ethanol?

A3. We have Maruti Suzuki WagonR Flex-Fuel and Toyota Corolla Altis Flex-Fuel in cars. In bikes we have TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi E100, APACHE RTR 160 4V 2023, PULSAR NS160, Hero Glamour Xtec Flex fuel, Honda XRE300 Flex-Fuel

Q4. Which is Asia’s largest ethanol plant?

A4. TruAlt Bioenergy is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Q5. Can ethanol be used as fuel in India?

A5. Yes, of course. We can use ethanol as a fuel in vehicles in India.

Q6. Can I run my petrol car on ethanol?

A6. Yes, you can but it might damage the engine if the concentration is not accurate like concentrations above 10% will be dangerous for the engine. That is why we have new Ethanol-based vehicles being launched.

Q7. Which in India gets the first flex fuel hybrid car that runs on 100% ethanol?

A7.The Corolla Altis FFV-SHEV runs on 100% ethanol fuel.

Q8. Which car has flex fuel in India?

A8. The new WAGON R has flex fuel.

Q9. Which is more costly ethanol or petrol?

A9. Petrol is costlier than ethanol.

Q10.What is the price of ethanol fuel in India?

A10. Rs 60-70/L as it depends on many factors.

Q11. What is the price of 1 Litre of ethanol?

A11. Rs 60-70 per Litre

Q12. What is the price of ethanol in bikes?

A12. It will be the same as that of cars which is Rs 60-70 per Litre.

Q13. Which bike runs on ethanol?

A13. TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi E100, APACHE RTR 160 4V 2023, PULSAR NS160, Hero Gamour Xtec Flex fuel, Honda XRE300 Flex-Fuel

Q14. Can a normal bike run on ethanol?

A14. Yes, you can but it might damage the engine if the concentration is not accurate like concentrations above 10% will be dangerous for the engine. Better go for ethanol-based vehicles.

Q15. Which company launched India’s first ethanol-based bike?

A15. TVS Motor – Apache RTR 200 4V.

Q16.Does BS6 support ethanol or Can a BS6 engine run on ethanol?

A16. You should not use ethanol in your BS4 or BS6 (phase 1) vehicles.

Q17. Does ethanol reduce mileage?

A17. Yes, ethanol reduces mileage because of its low energy content.

Q18. What is the disadvantage of ethanol?

A18.It can cause the engine or its componentstoburn and corrode and lesser fuel efficiency due to less energy content.

Q19. How long does 1 litre of ethanol last?

A19. 3-4 Hours.

Q20. Can I mix ethanol with petrol?

A20. Yes, you can mix ethanol with petrol.

Q21. Who is the largest producer of ethanol in India?

A21. The largest producer of ethanol in India is Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd (Mumbai, Maharashtra) and The United States across the globe.

Q22. What are the 3 advantages of ethanol?

A22. Less fuel cost (petrol+ethanol), environment-friendly, less dependency on imports.

Q23. How much profit per litre of ethanol?

A23. Depends on how you drive and the engine capacity. But you can expect a profit margin of around 20-35%

Q24. Does premium petrol contain ethanol?

A24. Yes, and because Ethanol has a higher octane number.

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