What Are The New Whatsapp Features 2023 : This is amazing !

In today’s digital era, communication platforms play a pivotal role in connecting people across the globe. WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, has consistently strived to provide its users with a seamless and secure communication experience. Over the years, WhatsApp has introduced several new features that have significantly enhanced its functionality and user experience. In this article, we will find out What Are The New Whatsapp Features .

As we already know that Whatsapp is owned by Meta. Meta has brought various features to Whatsapp since its inception. But below are the latest Whatsapp features released.

What Are The New Whatsapp Features

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What Are The New Whatsapp Features: The amazing ones

Record and share video messages

Recently Meta has announced a feature in Whatsapp in which we can simply record a video message of up to 60s seconds and send in the chats directly. This feature is cool for those people who are lazy and don’t want to type a lot. They can simply send video messages instead of text messages. Just keep in mind to wear something good if calling your special one. This is similar and simple as the normal voice message.

What about the security while sending video messages? Are these also end-to-end encrypted like text messages on Whatsapp?

The answer is yes, the video messages are also protected with end-to-end encryption.

How to record and send video messages?

Tap and switch to video mode and then hold it to record the video message.

Please note that this new feature might not be available as of now on your smartphone since it has not been rolled out completely and will be updated to users worldwide in the upcoming days or weeks.

Share the screen

Finally, the feature we had been waiting for has gone through the development phase. With this new feature, we can share our mobile screen while on video calls similar to other video call apps like Zoom, Webex, Team meetings etc. This feature will be very useful for people who want to share their mobile screens on Whatsapp. Whatsapp might also get entry into the corporate world as Whatsapp will have all the features that are needed for team meetings at the workplace.

Please note that this feature is still in the beta phase and will be released out soon after testing in the development phase.

Lock your Chats

Earlier to protect our chats, we used to lock Whatsapp itself using the password protection of the mobile. This feature is a very cool feature for those who want to secure their chats from other people. As the name suggests, you can lock your Whatsapp chats so that only you can unlock and see them. Moreover, there is no loophole to this. the chat is kept hidden in the notification area as well so that nobody can see your chats.

How to lock Whatsapp chats?

Go to the profile of the person whose chat you want to lock. Then scroll down and click on ‘Chat lock’ and then enter the authentication details (Face ID or fingerprint).

New Whatsapp Features

New Whatsapp Features

Edit your messages

And finally, we have got the feature which is very much needed. This is not a new kind of feature that Meta is releasing as we already have this feature in other messaging apps. Meta has released the Edit button feature. We get 15 mins to edit our sent messages which we might be wrongly sent. This is a useful feature as we don’t have to delete the entire message and resend it. Just hold the message for 1-2 sec and then just edit it.

Same Whatsapp number on multiple devices

Now we get the ability to use one Whatsapp number on multiple devices (maximum allowed devices is 4) which is useful when you buy a new phone and want both phones to have the same Whatsapp number or there may be ‘n’ number of uses of it.

To install Whatsapp with the same number, you just need to have both the old and new phones. Install Whatsapp on both phones. Scan the QR code from the old phone on the new phone and link the accounts. It’s the same as Whatsapp webWeb in which we log in to Whatsapp using the QR code on the phone.

Share high-quality photos

Everyone on this planet using Whatsapp will agree that we needed this feature a lot. We used to send high-quality photos on Whatsapp used to get converted them to low-pixel photos by Whatsapp automatically. Due to this, our beautiful faces were not clear. The only workaround was sending it as a document but that was also a tedious task which we never liked.

Now just set the quality of media in the Storage and Data settings in Whatsapp and then select the ‘Best quality’ option under the media upload quality setting. Now your beautiful face will remain beautiful. Everyone on this earth is beautiful and has the right to send high-quality photos on Whatsapp.

Voice status

We all set photo and video status on Whatsapp. But now we can also set voice messages as Whatsapp status.

You can add voice status in a similar way you add your image or video status. Just tap on Status and select the pencil icon and then click on Microphone and record for 30mins maximum.


What Are The Whatsapp New Features

In conclusion, WhatsApp’s dedication to improving its features and functionality has made it a leader in the realm of messaging apps. From bolstering privacy options to enhancing media sharing capabilities and facilitating business integration, WhatsApp has consistently evolved to meet the needs of its ever-growing user base.

In a world that thrives on instant communication, WhatsApp stands at the forefront, offering innovative solutions that bring people closer together. As we look forward to the future, there is no doubt that WhatsApp will continue to surprise us with new features that redefine the way we connect and communicate.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption truly secure?

A: Yes, WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption ensures that only the sender and recipient can read the messages, providing a high level of security.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of my WhatsApp?

A: Absolutely! WhatsApp offers a range of themes, allowing users to personalize the app’s appearance to their liking.

Q: How many participants can join a group video call on WhatsApp?

A: WhatsApp allows up to 8 participants to join a group video call simultaneously.

Q: Can businesses use WhatsApp to showcase their products?

A: Yes, businesses can use the WhatsApp Business API and Business Catalog to showcase their products and services.

Q: Is Dark Mode available on WhatsApp?

A: Yes, WhatsApp has introduced Dark Mode, providing a visually comfortable experience for users during nighttime usage.

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