2024 Best JioBook review by a student : Check this before buying

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, new gadgets and devices are introduced regularly to enhance our daily lives. One such revolutionary product that has taken the market by storm is the Jiobook. But what exactly is a Jiobook, and what makes it so special? In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Jiobook and check the JioBook review by a student. This review is based on the features and specs that a normal student would need in his daily academic life.

A student’s life revolves around learning, exploration, and creativity. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to grow. In this fast-paced digital era, technology plays a crucial role in shaping our educational journey. The JioBook is a cutting-edge device that promised to be a game-changer in my academic pursuits.

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What is JioBook?


JioBook review by a student


Jiobook is a new laptop launched by Reliance on 31st July 2023 and will be available in offline and online stores from 5th August 2023 onwards. The Reliance Jiobook laptop is a 4G-enabled device for students as the major target audience.

Jiobook can be used for multiple purposes like making notes, coding, attending online classes, and watching useful videos which will improve the overall experience for the learners.


JioBook review by a student


JioBook review by a student


We have a few students in our team who perform hands-on tests on the devices. This device has not been sold yet and is available for pre-booking. So you can check all the below information from a student’s point of view based on the Jiobook laptop specs and features.


Reliance Jiobook laptop specifications


Our next question should be What are the specifications of JioBook?  Below are the Jio Book specifications.

Jiobook Specs:


Screen: Jiobook comes with a decent screen size of 11.6 inches along with an anti-glare HD display (‎1366_x_768 pixels) which is suitable for good viewing angles outside though not the best in the market but best at this price range.

Processor: The processor installed in Reliance Jiobook is Mediatek MT 8788 at 2.0 GHz ARM V8-A 64-bit which is better than the average.

Cores: How many cores in jiobook?

So our next burning question should be how many cores are there on the processor used in jiobook?

Well, the number of cores and speed are important factors in determining the overall performance of any device like multi-tasking and efficiency. Reliance Jiobook has an Octa-core processor running at 2GHz and you get a max CPU speed of 8 x 2GHz.


Storage: 64 GB SSD and is expandable up to 256GB via SD card. 

Graphics: Integrated MediaTek HD Graphics which is a very simple graphic card and should be good for normal tasks. Don’t expect high-end games to play smoothly but is not a deal breaker.

Battery: What is the battery life of JioBook?

So how long does the battery of your Jiobook last on a single charge |

‎The Jiobook battery capacity is 4000 mAh and the company claims that the laptop will offer full-day battery life which is 24 hours and will come with support for 4G connectivity. We expect the real-life battery output of JioBook to be near 8-10 hours based on the usage which is very good and much needed. A laptop which remains juiced up during study time without the need to charge it should be one of the top priorities.

JioOS: On which operating system does Jio book work?

JioOS is a customized Android-based Operating System. JioBook will run on the JioOS operating system. Built like a PC with JioOS having 75+ shortcuts, native apps, extended display, touchpad gestures etc.

Which native apps are used in Jio OS? In Jio OS we have 75+ shortcuts and it comes with pre-loaded Jio apps like JioCloud, JioSecurity, JioMeet etc.


Jiobook Weight

If you want to know what’s the weight of the all-new Jiobook, then your search is over here. The weight of the Jiobook is 990 grams. This makes it one of the lightest laptops which is suitable to carry from one place to another and you don’t have to strain your muscles because we have gyms for building muscles and laptops should build knowledge.

Network connectivity:

Jiobook 4G laptop supports 4G LTE and Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz) which is good but is available in most of the laptops in the market.


Reliance Jiobook Laptop features: What other features make the Jiobook special?


Below are the Reliance Jiobook Laptop features which make it special at the price tag of just 16,499 INR.

Dual-band WiFi: With the 4G-enabled technology, we also get dual-band wifi which makes the JioBook special and unique.

The Price: The price of this laptop will attract students because it is budget-friendly. Reliance Jiobook is the most affordable laptop at just 16,499 INR which makes it affordable.

Cloud storage: Reliance offers 100GB of cloud storage on Digital Cloud Storage Partner of India on Jiobook laptop as an additional feature which is useful to save notes online to access easily anywhere.

Infinity Keyboard and Large Trackpad: The keyboard and the trackpad matter a lot. The best keyboard and trackpad are Macbooks and in Jiobook also, the look is similar to Macbooks but the trackpad is not that great. You might struggle using the trackpad.

Wireless Printing: Yes, this is a very cool feature mainly for students as they have to take printouts of notes. Now we can take printouts wirelessly without the need to connect the laptop to the printer with wires or copy it to a pen drive. The only condition is that the printer should support wireless connectivity.

JioBIAN – Linux-based coding software: This is a very useful feature for programmers. Now with JioBIAN coding software, the Jiobook supports multiple programming language IDEs and compilers including C, C++, Python, Java, Perl etc.


QuickHeal Parental Control: We don’t want anything that distracts us while studying. This is a feature for parents or teachers which ensures that the students are searching online safely which is much needed in this world of the internet.


JioBook comparison with other budget laptops


Jiobook stands out with most of the budget laptops available currently due to the features it provides at the most competitive price tag.

In other budget laptops, we miss one or another feature but we get all the features packed in Jiobook.

For example,

  • In other budget laptops with similar price segments, we don’t get a proper OS but in this, we get JioOS which is good to use.
  • Secondly, the battery life claimed in the Jiobook laptop is superior to other laptops.
  • Jiobook is the Cheapest laptop with all the top features.
  • The most crucial thing is that the Jiobook houses an Octa-core processor which is not available in other budget laptops.
  • But we also have laptops which are a little costlier than the Jiobook but better than Jiobook. We get what we pay.

Below are the top 5 alternatives of Reliance Jiobook.

1. Lenovo V15 Laptop Price 22,990 INR
2. Lenovo E41-55 Laptop Price 18,790 INR
3. ASUS Chromebook Flip Intel Celeron Dual Core Laptop Price 24,999 INR
4. Asus Eeebook 12 Celeron Dual Intel Core Laptop Price 18,490 INR
5. Lenovo e41-55 laptop Price 20499 INR


Jiobook laptop price in India 

JioBook is a modern world laptop with a price less than the smartphones which is a big thing. JioBook laptop price in India that is released on 31st July 2023 has been launched at 16,499 INR. The Jiobook is available only for pre-booking and will be available to buy from 5th August 2023 onwards.


JioBook pros and cons

There are many pros of Jiobook and seeing the price tag we don’t see any significant cons and shouldn’t be a deal breaker.


JioBook is the most affordable laptop.

Fast processor.

Good battery life.

We get a SIM inside JioBook for cellular data as well.



We don’t have many colour options. JioBook is available only in Blue and Grey colour.

It can not run Windows-based OS in it.

Plastic build quality is not up to the mark.

Not good for highly intense graphic tasks.


How to buy JioBook in India and Where to buy JioBook in India?

Currently, you can buy Jiobook from Reliance digital offline stores and also from online stores like Amazon and Reliance digital website itself.

Is it worth buying a JioBook laptop?

Yes, it is worth buying a Jiobook laptop if you have a very tight budget. But there are better options if you increase the budget a little which we think you should get a better experience because buying a laptop is a big and long-term investment that is at least 3 plus years.

So, if you can arrange some more money, please increase the budget and go for another laptop with better specs but this is very good for people having a limited budget and for people whose sole aim is to study and related tasks.


In conclusion, the JioBook has exceeded all our expectations, revolutionizing student life and opening doors to limitless possibilities at this price point. Its seamless blend of creativity, productivity, and entertainment has left an indelible mark on our hearts. As we continue my educational journey, we are grateful for the JioBook’s presence, as it has become more than just a device – it is a companion that inspires us to dream, learn, and achieve.


1. Can the JioBook replace traditional textbooks for students?

Yes, the JioBook’s integration of e-reader functionalities makes it a suitable replacement for traditional textbooks, offering access to a vast digital library.

2. Does the JioBook support offline access to e-books and notes?

Yes, the JioBook allows users to download e-books and notes for offline access, making it convenient for studying on the go.

3. Is the JioBook durable for everyday student use?

Absolutely! The JioBook is designed with durability in mind, able to withstand the rigours of everyday student life.

4. How does the JioBook enhance creativity for students?

The JioBook’s responsive touchscreen and stylus support empower students to express their creativity through digital art and design.

5. Can the JioBook be used for online learning and virtual classrooms?

Definitely! The JioBook’s versatile features make it an excellent tool for participating in online learning and virtual classrooms.

6. Is JioBook good for gaming?
No, we don’t recommend Jiobook for gaming purposes. It can play games but the experience will not be smooth. Jiobook is mainly for academic-related tasks like making notes, for online classes etc.
7. Which processor is used in JioBook?
Jiobook has Mediatek MT 8788 at 2.0 GHz ARM V8-A 64-bit which is better than other identical segment laptops.
8. Is JioBook launched?
Yes, JioBook was launched on 31st July 2023 and will be available to buy from 5th August 2023 at 16,499 INR.
9. How much storage does a JioBook laptop have?
Jiobook laptop has 64 GB SSD and is expandable up to 256GB via SD card. 
10. Is JioBook a Chromebook?
No, Jiobook is not a Chromebook.

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