Is your job listed in the Top 5 Jobs that are at risk due to AI (Artificial Intelligence) : Skill up to be the BEST

Jobs that are at risk due to AI


In this article, check if you job is listed Top 5 Jobs that are at risk due to AI. If yes, you need to buckle up and if no, still we need to be future ready.

Let’s first understand ‘what is AI‘ or ‘what does AI stand for‘ so that everybody on this beautiful blog is on the same page.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Simply put, AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines that can perform the cognitive functions we associate with human minds.

For example, We have simple AIs we already know – Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Now and advanced chatbot AI like ChatGPT or we have Google Bard (LaMDA), Microsoft Bing AI, DeepMind Sparrow and the upcoming one Google DeepMind Gemini.


Jobs that are at risk due to AI


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In the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, the people who are working in any field on this earth must have burning questions in their minds- what jobs will AI replace or what jobs that AI can’t replace or what jobs are safe from ai or is AI a threat to jobs.

Well to to answer all the above questions which have the same meaning ‘Which professions are likely to decline due to AI?’  in a single line, YES, AI is here to impact all our lives but we don’t have to worry much as we can utilise the power of AI for our good. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) poses a significant risk to jobs across various industries. As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, the capabilities of AI systems have become increasingly sophisticated, enabling them to perform tasks once exclusively carried out by humans. While AI undoubtedly brings numerous benefits and opportunities, its disruptive potential in the job market cannot be overlooked.

Is AI the future?

Yes, AI is the future. In a rapidly advancing world driven by technological innovation, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT or the upcoming Google’s DeepMind Gemini has brought forth both awe-inspiring possibilities and unsettling uncertainties. While AI has the potential to revolutionise various industries, it also poses a significant threat to certain job sectors and in future, we will come to know how AI will affect jobs.

The people who are working in any field on this earth must have burning questions in their minds- what jobs will AI replace or what jobs that AI can’t replace?

Today, we explore the emotional side of this technological disruption as we delve deep to know what jobs are at the highest risk due to AI.

Top 5 Jobs that are at risk due to AI :

1. The jobs that top the list are Software Engineers who write codes to develop software and data analysts or data scientists.

Jobs that are at risk due to AI
Reason: One of the main reasons jobs are at risk due to AI is automation. As AI algorithms become increasingly sophisticated and accurate, there is a growing concern job traditionally held by highly skilled professionals may also be at risk
AI can analyse vast amounts of data and make complex decisions in a fraction of the time it would take a human. This has significant implications for professional roles that involve data analysis and data research.
As we know that data analyst’s job is to understand the client’s problem and to solve the problems by using dashboards, collecting data from different sources, cleaning data, load data, and relationships, creating visualisations and sharing dashboards with clients.

Now coming to Coders. Not all coders or programmers’ job is at risk but for coders who do a lot of repetitive tasks in their day-to-day life, AI can easily automate the work done during software testing and development.

Now that we have software, we will have bugs. AI could also help with identifying the bugs and vulnerabilities and patching the same.

Coming to the Data analysis jobs. Now AI is great at doing math with very good precision. AI can easily take data inputs and create models using algorithms that will generate the client’s required output.

But still, the thinking part is yet to achieve. Though this is not far from reality as we have more advanced AIs coming in future which can think like the human mind. You can take the example of Google’s DeepMind Gemini.
Pros: Faster Decision-Making and creating code or analysing data, companies have to spend less and productivity will be more.
Cons: Tech jobs will decline and will ultimately lead to more unemployment.
What to do then? The answer is simple. Upskill yourself daily. Learn new things daily and beat the AI system.

2. Then we have Media jobs like Journalism, advertisements and content writing.

Jobs that are at risk due to AI

Reason: These jobs are no doubt in danger as we have already been using ChatGPT for creating articles, content etc in no time with good quality. AI can easily generate news stories from the input data.
But there is a downside to it as this involves the risk of creating and spreading wrong information and can be misused to make people biased.
Pros: Less Human Errors. Less time consumption on getting the data ready to publish in public in a very well-designed format.
Cons: Lacks creativity. People can misuse and can spread wrong information. Also, we will see more people thrown out of their jobs as their work can be automated.
What to do? Go out and find out more information to make a better article with emotions and impress the boss. We need to be more creative and have to create content with the information which even AI can not answer.

3. Then we have Graphic designers.

Jobs that are at risk due to AI
Reason: An AI tool like Bluewillow or DALL-E or ChatGPT can generate images in a jiffy with very high-resolution designs which is a threat to the graphic design industry.
Pros: Error-free Processing with very high-quality outputs.
Cons: Lacking Creativity and unemployment.
What to do? Be more creative and open-minded since the ‘mind’ is the only edge we have over the AI systems.

4. Telemarketing Jobs.

Jobs that are at risk due to AI
We hate telemarketers but sometimes they help as well.
Now we already have been contacted by an automated voice call and we don’t like that. We love humans. Even though AI will replace Telemarketing jobs.
Also, when we go on a site, the first person to ping us is the AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants.
Reason: AI like ChatGPT can easily handle customer inquiries and provide personalised responses after training and learning the patterns and experiences and this will reduce the need for human telemarketers.
Pros: Helps in completing repetitive Jobs faster, will be available 24/7 and Right Decision Making.
Cons: Increases unemployment.
What to do? Learn a new skill that doesn’t require anything related to sales.

5. Data Entry Jobs

Jobs that are at risk due to AI

Reason: AI-powered machines and algorithms can now handle repetitive and mundane tasks more efficiently and accurately than humans. A data Entry job requires a human to perform repetitive and pre-defined tasks which is a default behaviour of an AI system. With AI time consumption to manually enter the data will reduce and so will human error.
Pros: Helps in completing repetitive Jobs faster, will be available 24/7.
Cons: Increases unemployment.
What to do? Reskill and upskill

6. We are including one more sector because this sector has already been impacted by AI which is the Automotive industry. 

Jobs that are at risk due to AI

Reason: Modern vehicle manufacturers fully rely on AI to design the smartest cars, to manufacture and assemble the car components in an efficient way which was very difficult in the early stages and also how the smart cars are driven is handled by the AI.
Now due to the smart cars in the market like the Tesla cars which are well equipped with a driver assistance system called Autopilot, the driver job has also seen a decline.
Pros: Now humans don’t have to risk their lives in Risky Situations. New Inventions in the automobile sector will increase the business.
Cons: High Creation cost, increased Unemployment
What to do? Upskill and think out of the box to improve in the automobile segment.

How many jobs will AI replace by 2030?

We can make a guess that AI is predicted to replace close to 500 million jobs by 2030. Therefore we need to be future-ready or better to say AI ready to not allow it to gobble our jobs. Instead, we need to Upskill ourselves and utilise the technology for our good. Don’t let the technology be your master rather be the master of the technology.

What jobs are safe from AI?

Here is a quick list of a few jobs which will not be affected by the AI.
  • Doctors
  • DevOps (IT job)
  • Technical support in a product-based organisation.
  • People already working in the field of AI research.
  • Teachers
  • Two-wheeler drivers
  • Labours like Carpenter, Maison, plumbers, and electricians.
However, it is crucial to note that while AI may replace certain job functions, it also creates new opportunities and demands for human skills. The integration of AI in the workplace necessitates a shift in job roles and the acquisition of new skills. The ability to work alongside AI systems, leverage their capabilities, and effectively manage and interpret their output becomes essential for future employability. Therefore, the focus should be on reskilling and upskilling the workforce to adapt to the changing job landscape.

How to tackle this AI situation?

To mitigate the adverse effects of AI on jobs, policymakers, businesses, and educational institutions must work collaboratively. Governments should invest in programs that promote lifelong learning and provide support for individuals affected by job displacement. Companies should prioritize retraining and redeployment initiatives to ensure the continuity of employment for their workforce. Educational institutions need to incorporate AI education and training into their curricula to prepare future generations for a world where AI is ubiquitous.


This was a complete article on the top Jobs that are at risk due to AI. In conclusion, while AI undoubtedly poses risks to jobs, it also presents opportunities for innovation, productivity, and economic growth. By embracing the potential of AI and adopting proactive measures to address its impact on the job market, we can navigate this technological revolution and ensure a future where humans and AI systems work together harmoniously, driving progress and prosperity for all.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):
Q1. What is AI art?
A1. AI art is any form of digital artwork for example Images, audio, videos or text which is created with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
Q2. Will AI kill humans?
A2. We have seen movies where Robots kill humans but in the real world, this is not possible for the next 100 years as per our experience.
Q3. Will AI replace doctors?
A3. Not at all since this will need the combination of both humans (empathy, ethical judgement) and AI (accuracy and decision) to improve doctor’s decisions and also not to risk the patient’s life.
Q4. Will AI replace cyber security?
A4. No, AI will not replace the Cybersecurity jobs completely and both humans and AI will co-exist.
Q5. Will AI replace programmers?
A5. Not completely. AI will automate things with better Decision-Making and creating code but will not completely replace software engineers or programmers.
Q6. Will AI replace copywriters?
A6. AI is changing the marketing game by giving new tools to make high-quality content faster and more efficiently way. But it will not completely wipe out the jobs since there is a risk of making low-quality content and will need human supervision.
Q7. Will AI replace data scientists or will air replace data scientists?
A7. Not for now but in future more advanced AI will be able to tackle all the challenges faced by a data analyst or data scientist as this doesn’t require any emotional or creative thoughts.
Thanks for reading this article. If you need more information, please comment and let us know.

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