Windows 12 Release Date In India : Is the date leaked by mistake?

Mac and Windows users constantly check for their Operating System updates. In the fast-paced world of technology, anticipation hangs thick in the air whenever a new operating system is on the horizon. Such is the case with Windows 12, Microsoft’s latest masterpiece which is yet to be released and in this article we will find the details about Windows 12 Release Date In India.

First, let’s appreciate the rich legacy of Windows. Each version has been a stepping stone towards technological excellence, from the iconic Windows 95 to the revolutionary Windows 11.

Currently, the latest version of Microsoft Windows is Windows 11 which was released two years ago. We have already got a few updates in Windows 11 itself like Windows 11 v22H2 which came in the year 2022 and 2023 we got v23H2. We don’t want patch updates; now it is high time we got a major upgrade to Windows 12.

Windows 12 Release Date In India

Windows 12 Release Date In India

All Windows users are curious to know the Windows 12 launch date in India.

As per the leaks, the Windows 12 release date in India and globally is 2024 but nothing specific. We expect it to be released in late 2024.

We don’t have an official announcement for the Windows 12 Release date in India or globally and is still a well-guarded secret. We are still getting patch updates on Windows 11 (v22H2 and v23H2).

Though Microsoft mentioned that they have started to develop future versions of Windows with AI power. Windows 12 is not just an upgrade, it will be a transformation.

Why suddenly there is news about the Windows 12 Release Date?

This is because of a leak from Intel CFO (Chief Financial Officer) David Zinsner who recently said in a conference that the year 2024 is going to be very good for Microsoft because of Windows refresh which will increase its revenue and call it a catalyst. This comment makes us predict that Windows 12 will be released in the year 2024.

As per the research, Intel is making Meteor Lake desktop platform for Windows 12 and hence they already knew it.

What is Meteor Lake?

It is Intel’s 14th-generation processor integrated with AI coprocessor which will be released on 14th December, 2023.

We already know that Microsoft has released AI-Powered Copilot in Windows 11 itself and is focussing mainly on the AI part as that is the growing market currently.

Note: To get the official response about the upcoming version of Windows or anything related to Windows, keep checking:

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Windows 12 Price In India

As the Windows 12 is not yet released, there is no confirmation on the Windows 12 Price In India or globally. Though you may come across much fake news about the details of Windows 12. As mentioned above, please follow Microsoft’s official website for the details.
TechSwankk team predicts that Windows 12 will not be free of cost and will cost more than 15000 INR due to the AI-related features integration with the Operating system. Though you can upgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 12 free of cost some services might be chargeable. This is the same as we did while upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 12.

Windows 13 release date

Is there going to be a Windows 13? The latest version we have is Windows 11. Windows 12 is yet to come. Regarding Windows 13, there is no release date and no information from the Microsoft Development team. Yes, Windows 13 will be released in the future but it might take more than half a decade to enter the market.

Windows 12 System Requirements

There is no official documentation on Windows 12 System requirement details but we have the predicted and below are the predicted Windows 12 system Requirements based on Windows 10 and Windows 11 requirements.

Windows 12 system requirements

FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

Q1: When is the official release date of Windows 12 in India? A1: The exact release date is yet to be unveiled, but rest assured, Windows 12 is on its way, promising a revolutionary experience for Indian users.

Q2: What sets Windows 12 apart from its predecessors? A2: Windows 12 is a leap into the future, offering unparalleled user experience, seamless integration of AR technology, and enhanced security features, making it a class apart.

Q3: Will Windows 12 support regional languages in India? A3: Yes, Windows 12 is designed to support a plethora of regional languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Q4: Can I upgrade my current system to Windows 12? A4: Microsoft has plans to facilitate smooth upgrades for eligible systems, ensuring that users can seamlessly transition to Windows 12 without hassle.

Q5: What can we expect in terms of customer support for Windows 12 in India? A5: Microsoft is committed to providing top-notch customer support, with dedicated helplines, online resources, and service centres across India to assist users with any queries or issues.

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