What is so special in Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun ?

Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun is a stylish futuristic-looking water gun to have fun with friends and family.

Three launch modes

There are three water launch modes in the gun so that you can use the gun according to the situation. – Single shot – Continuous shot or burst shot – Power hair

Waterproof circuit

The inclusion of a waterproof circuit in a water gun is a game-changer that elevates outdoor fun to new emotional heights.

High Capacity high-pressure water sac

This gun provides a high-density pressurised water sac that is enough to sustain a range of 6m to 10m which is quite a good range for a water gun.

Quick automatic water absorption

This gun refills itself in 10 to 15 sec automatically by absorbing the water from the water tank or container.

Cool light effect

The thing which makes this water gun futuristic is the flashing LED indicators it has got. The gun flashes according to the shooting rhythm which looks fantastic.

HD display

The gun has a small round high-definition display that shows the mode, the charge in the gun battery and the water amount in the gun. 


Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun has a 1800mah battery inbuilt. The gun can be charged using a USB type-C charging cable and can last for around 30-45 minute